Commissions and Incentives

We know that being your own boss and following a path that allows you to achieve your financial freedom is a reward in itself.

We want to motivate you even more, which is why we reward you and your achievements with incredible commissions and weekly, monthly and yearly incentives.

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Weekly Incentives For Agents

Incentives For Top Producers
Goal Reward
$30,000 A.P. $500
$20,000 A.P. $350
$15,000 A.P. $275
$10,000 A.P. $200
$5,000 A.P. $100
$3,000 A.P. $75

Monthly Incentives For Manager Level

Manager incentives
$20,000 /month $200 $25,000 /month $500
$30,000 /month $300 $35,000 /month $750
$40,000 /month $400 $50,000 /month $1,000

Monthly Incentives For Agency Level

Agency incentives
$50,000 /month $500 $50,000 /month $1,000
$60,000 /month $750 $70,000 /month $1,250
$70,000 /month $1,000 $80,000 /month $1,500
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Incentives For Top Producers

Prizes for top producers include Apple watches, tablets, air pods, dinners and much more. Different incentives are available each month.

Financial Incentives

  • $250 recruiting bonus
  • $250 fast start bonus if you reach $5,000 AP in the first month
  • End-Of-Year Incentives

    End-of-year awards
    Production level required to be eligible Agent Manager Agency
    Emerald Club $75,000 $75,000 $75,000
    Ruby Club $100,000 $100,000 $100,000
    Diamond Club $125,000 $125,000 $125,000
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    All-expenses-paid trip for you and a companion

    Each year, the most successful agents will be eligible to participate in a drawing for an all-inclusive trip with Pan-American Life Insurance Group's (PALIG) #1 agents and agencies throughout the Americas region.