Frequently Asked Question

Image of the salesmen brainstorming Image of the salesmen brainstorming

What is the job about?

As an independent insurance agent you will be able to help a client to obtain medical or life coverage from the comfort of your home or office, you will help them make a decision according to their needs. You will run your own business and set your vision and goals at your own pace.

How can I be part of the team?

Register and complete our online form and one of our supervisors will contact you to start the whole process.

How much can I earn?

In addition to high commissions, you can earn trips, incentives, weekly and monthly incentives based on your performance. This is an opportunity where you will be able to achieve your own financial independence; It is your decision to take advantage of it.

Will I have a contract with you?

You will be a part of our independent agent operation which means that your income will be through a 1099 form.

What insurers will I be working with?

At HolaForce we only work with insurers with an A+ rating. We have an Extensive portfolio with a hundred health, supplementary and life insurance.

How can I know that this not a hoax?

It is normal for you to wonder that, but we can tell you that we are backed by a company with many years in the market, a leader in insurance market: Panamerican Life Insurance Group.

What type of license do i need to work with HolaForce?

You need to be licensed agent with one of the following licenses: 2-14, 2-15, 2-20, 2-40.

If I don't have a license, where can I get one?

If you are not a licensed agent at this time, here are some sites where you can find more information on how to become licensed.

Can I be an agent if I have no previous experience?

Sure, anyone with the initiative and the necessary license to work within their state can join our team. We value talent as much as experience.

What would HolaForce give me that no other independent agency would give me?

HolaForce focuses on helping the Hispanic community in the United States. It offers an attractive compensation program that includes: high commissions, weekly and monthly incentives, and trips. In addition, we have a team dedicated to helping obtain contracts with the largest insurance companies throughout the country. Our instructors will help you perfect your sales techniques and product knowledge. Finally, we put at your disposal our innovative technology to help you increase your client portfolio and take your business to the next level.

I've made up my mind, I want to be a part, where do I start?

Congratulations! Just fill out the form and we will contact you very soon to indicate the next steps.